Membership of Sutton Coldfield Chess Club costs:

  • £20 a year for adults
  • £10 a year for juniors (U18)

There are no concessions apart from that for juniors, but these amounts are reduced if joining mid-year/mid-season.

In addition to chess club membership, serious players will also want membership of the English Chess Federation. Precise costs vary according to category, introductory offers, etc. (See details below.)

Membership of our hosts, Minworth Social Club, is not required but is in any case free.


Chess Club Membership

Sutton Coldfield Chess Club is a not-for-profit members' club, "open to all persons irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, religion or sexual orientation" [Constitution clause 4]. Because we incur various costs, such as league fees and equipment replacement, we must collect money, which we do almost entirely through a membership fee.

The Club's membership year runs from 01-September to 31-August. (This coincides with the ECF membership year.)

The adult membership subscription fee is £20 for the year. There are no concessions.

For juniors it is £10 for the year. A junior will be under 18 on 01-September in that membership year. (This coincides with the ECF definition of juniors for grading purposes.)

There will not normally be any other charges incurred by our Members. Note that unlike some other Midland chess clubs, we do not impose a "joining fee" or semi-voluntary "equipment fund" or other hidden charges. Also unlike some clubs, we will pay all entry fees to representative team competitions while allowing our players to keep any individual prizes.

If joining our Club after September, the current Treasurer at his discretion charges reduced club membership fees according to the following table:

Month joined Tabled subs
September 100%
October 100%
November 100%
December 90%
January 80%
February 70%
March 60%
April 50%
May 40%
June 30%
July 20%
August 10%

Upon joining we will typically require your name, your date of birth, your postal address, phone number(s), and an email address. If you are paying by a cheque, it should be made out to Sutton Coldfield Chess Club.

ECF Membership

For playing in graded games (such as league or cup games), membership of the English Chess Federation is highly recommended otherwise players will be surcharged per game.

We expect club members to arrange their own membership of the ECF, not least because of the different categories and terms of membership available, though of course we can help and advise. Bronze category membership is sufficient for local league chess.

Note that the ECF membership year, and junior qualification is the same as the Club's. However, the ECF does not have reductions for joining mid-year. For more information, and to actually join, see English Chess Federation: Membership Information.